Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (50) wants to do in Switzerland, something Good. To help make the mood in these difficult times will be a bit better.

How? With face masks, of course! The entrepreneur, and SVP-national Council member, was the first Swiss woman, who was already at the very beginning of the Corona-crisis of this additional protection, and also in the Federal house just yet “top” to see was.

For the barbers if it were to Survive

Now she wants to help an entire industry to masks: the hairdressers in. As for the so Martullo, it is due to the prescribed lock downs slowly to Survive. “For almost a month, you will make no sales and more – and in an industry with low margins and low wages has,” says Martullo in the home office Interview with a VIEW. With the Zoom video conference program, it has turned itself into a virtual hair Salon.

For Martullo is clear that, For barbers and their employees, it is very critical. You’ve been thinking about for a while, is what could you do to support the barbers.

For Martullo is clear: Even if the parlors are allowed to open in the coming weeks, you need to be mindful. “They come to your customers Yes is very close. Therefore, you don’t need to mask it in Switzerland.” The Federal government, the SVP national councillor, had since remained idle.

600’000 masks are on the road

“I thought to myself that I can get the masks in China, in Switzerland, transport and hairdressers in can provide.” Martullo has also equipped all its employees with masks and supplied according to information from the health care with protective masks.

no sooner Said than done – even if it is a significant cost: 600’000 masks for hairdressers are currently on the road in Switzerland – the required number have you calculated with the hairdressing Association. More should be needed, you would continue to help in the procurement.

company on short-time working makes shipping

How barbers get the masks? Online, of course. Salons of the German-speaking Switzerland and the Ticino, the masks could be ordered – as soon as the Federal Council decides on the Opening . In 40-packs, “self”, as Martullo says, of 90 cents per mask plus tax and shipping. Why not for the Romandie? In Western Switzerland, Coiffeur Association have found other solutions, so Martullo.

shipping to the Salons will take up a fashion jewelry company that had to put their employees on short-time working. Martullo the company hired from your neighborhood short-hand for the fine distribution. “A nice side effect,” she says.

“Good for the Psyche,”

Equally important, but the symbolic meaning of the hair stylist: “If the salon could quickly open it again, it would be also good for our Psyche. If you cut your hair and well groomed looks, and lifts the mood.”

Little impressed by the masks Daniel cook (64), Corona-delegate of the Swiss Federal office for health (BAG) is. It is not demonstrated that a permanent mask to wear in Public the infection rates could be lower, he said repeatedly. Martullo, however, is convinced that the mask holds temporarily a part of our everyday life. Not only in the case of hairdressers in and physiotherapists. “I think no one can imagine and more, without protection, to get back into a full train.”


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.