Ilm-Kreis (Thuringia) – Even more, the first frustrated inhabitants barriers, Infected,, for more Corona. Day 3 in the quarantine village of Neustadt!

After the sharp criticism from member of Parliament for Petra Enders (“Some of the seriousness of the situation have not understood!”) have been closed all of the forest and secret paths. Also, two of the three entrances are completely sealed, open up to the maximum for the ambulance.

The day in the idyllic Rennsteig Village starts 7.40 PM, when a Truck of fresh Goods for the single supermarket brings.

“huge respect for your courage!” Gabriel and Bosbach make care angels are a promise source: IMAGE 1:44 Min. Share Tweet send via email, via Whatsapp

8.25 PM send to stop garbage disposal at the barrier, High fir. The men get off, put on mask and protective suits, stick and even wrists and ankles. When the two come back from your Tour, this will control your truck on the available local-Volatile.
Among the 900 inhabitants of the mood, meanwhile, is irritated. A woman said the IMAGE that many hold the quarantine for a rush, not sufficiently informed to feel. And: “no one is tested here. Two of the Infected are in the hospital, we will be locked up, but there is no one on the Virus checking us out.“

Baldor Beetz, by contrast, is relaxed and says that it is not going to change. The operator of a boarding house fear only to the Cohesion in the place.