From the weekend to be running their series “Bibi&Tina” in the world. However, you need to stay home.

Katharina Hirschberg (17, “Bibi”) and Harriet Herbig-mattancherry (16, “Tina”) are currently learning because of the Corona-crisis at home – like millions of other students also.

Katharina Hirschberg learns a lot with Youtube videos photo: private

How are you doing? Catherine to the PICTURE: “We use a Cloud, in which the work orders are saved, my results, and I load there also. Actually simple, but the Demanding is that you have to acquire so a lot self. Because no one is there to explain to a New first. To me, the YouTube Videos help a lot, and I’m proud when I’ve built something yourself, but me in contact with my classmates is missing.“

Harriet Herbig-mattancherry says, you just need to be longer for a school project photo: private

the Young actress Harriet says: “I really have a lot to do, because you get in each subject to work orders sent. You definitely need longer for everything, because you must teach the things themselves. I just find it nice that you no longer have to get up for a change so early, but I miss my school friends. Sometimes it is not so easy to motivate yourself, but of course it is important to stay on the Ball and also the teachers give very much trouble.“