In the fight against the Coronavirus, the Federal Council is now ruled by emergency legislation. The Parliament has terminated the Session. The referendums of 17. May are cancelled. For a limited time, strengthens the crisis, the government at the expense of the other powers of the state.

Nevertheless, the Federal Council does not want to miss out on the advice of the parties. Regular meetings with their representatives are in the planning stage. And the Federal President Simonetta Sommaruga (59, SP) has invited the party President next week, to a Meeting. Time and place are still open.

“in fact, I have discussed with the presidents of the other parties, the same thoughts and welcome the invitation of the Federal President explicitly,” says CVP-President Gerhard Pfister (57). The fact that the Federal Council is given the opportunity to “feel the Parliament and the parties and to discuss with us”.

Switzerland will not think that the beginning of the crisis

no one, the state government is to turn the emergency legislation carefully. “Rather, the discussions in this round, strengthen the Federal Council on the back. Because the corrective, the Parliament is not in session now.” Switzerland according to Pfister only at the beginning of the crisis. But “the biggest challenge for our country since the end of the Second world war”. Criticism of the Federal Council shall come, the Zug. “Even more important, it seems to me that the policy exerts, in a first Phase in unity.”

SVP-chief Albert Rösti (52) stresses the Agreement of the parties with the same emphasis: “It is important that we stand behind the government, but also critically.” Since the first miss tones are loud.

hash Browns bother about the criticism of the Federal Council, Guy Parmelin (60, SVP), which was the fact that the FDP called for public rapid measures to protect the Swiss companies. This is “needless,” says the SVP party President, Parmelin’ve provided to secure liquidity in a short period of time, a need-oriented and non-bureaucratic economic package.

Also in the SVP will be intensively discussed, what are the measures for the economy were still acceptable and which are not. Therefore, Rösti further, it is important that the Federal Council “sounds from further tightening of the parties”.

Are there alternative locations?

The councils keep meanwhile, at the special session of 4. and 5. May fest. The Parliament’s services to probe, however, already alternative locations. One possibility is the city of Lucerne is from the point of view of the free-minded States Damian Müller (35).

“We can’t afford the Parliament the operation to let remain dormant for too long,” says the Lucerne, has submitted to the presiding colleges of the councils have already a detailed Plan. “I am of the opinion that in such a crisis situation, the councils must remain as a Legislative act.” Müller is with the Messe Luzern in contact with that could offer politicians enough space to the distance rules.

“Here, in the heart of Switzerland, we can operation of the Parliament is temporarily back up,” said councillor Mueller. Under one condition: “If parliamentarians meet, whether in the committees or in the plenary, you need to be on the Virus tested.”