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Switzerland develops for the Corona-hotspot

Switzerland seems to develop straight for the next Corona-hotspot. According to information from the Swiss “Blick” and the information provided by the cantons were infected until Monday at least 8776 people, 120 people died of the Coronavirus. Thus, the number of dead is around the level of Germany – although the country has only a tenth of the population of Germany.

the most affected in the Canton of Ticino, with more than 1100 people Infected and 48 deceased – likely that the spatial proximity to the Northern areas of the Italian crisis to the high rate of infection has helped. The local health system is facing a stress test. The bed capacity on the ICU, have been exhausted, according to media reports, nearly, ventilators are in short supply. In addition, there is a fear of the loss of the foreign hospital staff, when medical personnel will be prohibited abroad to leave the country.

“not All believe, that we have enough resources to meet the constantly rising infection numbers in the coming weeks to counteract”, – quotes the “world”, Thierry Fumeaux, head of the intensive care unit in the hospital in Nyon on lake Geneva. Anthony Anex/KEYSTONE/dpa Coronavirus patients in Bern

Regardless of the requirements of the Federal level were set in the Ticino, in the meantime, all activity on construction sites and farms closed. Affected criticize, the government would have much to respond earlier. In Switzerland, the state of emergency is proclaimed, until the 19th century. April closed the most transactions in the country.

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Where is occurs Coronavirus? The real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? The real-time map showing the spread of the disease

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