Vania Alleva (51), the President of the largest Swiss trade Union, Unia, called because of the Corona-crisis, the Switzerland-wide Shutdown. LOOK to your boss, Pierre-Yves Maillard (52) met after the Meeting of the social partners, the economy Minister, Guy Parmelin (60) – in charge distance end to the Interview. The SP national councillor and President of the Swiss Federation of trade unions (SGB) shows the way, as the Federal Council and the cantons of the crisis, United, can face.

Pierre-Yves Maillard: no one wants a total Shutdown. All the unions are involved in the health, jobs and wages. But the workers feel blackmailed. For the private life dramatic have been the end of the rules adopted. In professional life, but everything is permitted. The people should simply accept.

Sorry, Unia-President Vania Alleva has called for the Shutdown in SIGHT.
The Unia tried to identify a solution. We have checks and buses on the road. It also needs to be in the workplace. There are only a few inspectors in the cantons, but many police officers on the street. This imbalance no one understands. The cantonal authorities and the Federal government to strengthen the Suva, the work inspectors and the joint institutions. The police can help under certain conditions.

But it will take time. Especially in the Ticino, the pressure is huge.
In certain regions, it probably needs a break. Maybe the one or the other site has to rest, so that the necessary measures for the protection of the workers made, and additional control can your be formed.

In the Canton of Ticino government and the social partners to go further. The Federal Council has they whistled back, but the Ticino is not to care about that.
The Federal government knows that he can’t tell the Ticino and other cantons, which are under massive pressure, simply: you now have to obey! The social partners support the Federal Council in its Corona-measures. We feel that he wants to fight the crisis. But the government also needs to feel how much step need it and where differences are accepted must be.

The talk here is not of crisis Windows?
We support this very much. The Confederation may grant the cantons the possibility to react more flexibly to the current Situation. If the pressure is too high, such as in Ticino, must be allowed to enter into a Canton of to the fact.

the Federal Council with the idea?
I hope it is very. It would have to be the Federal Council actually clear that he can not govern against the will of the cantons.

tell you as a former Council of state.
I do. From this time I know: In the cantons there are large resources that can benefit the Federal government in this crisis.

Back to the roots

Pierre-Yves Maillard (52) for almost a year, President of the Swiss Federation of trade unions. Thus, the former Vaud cantonal government returned to its roots. As a trade unionist, he started his career, which would have brought him almost up to the Federal Council. But he lost in 2011 against Alain Berset (47). Now he sits for the SP in the national Council. Maillard is married and lives with his wife and two children in Renens VD.

All the actors are smart enough not to go in such a direction. He will hardly leave on a rope arrive pull. Because he wins on this issue, then he loses the support of the population in the Ticino and the Romandie. Authority must be earned, as the Federal Council.

your expectations of the entire Federal Council are clear. What you have to economy Minister, Guy Parmelin?
We salute the Corona-measures of the Federal Council, now have to hurry but the administration in the implementation. It needs to be clear guidance for the assessment of the Thousands of requests that come in now.

Why is that?
For civil servants, their professional life, only a relatively low control density is known, are such guidelines helpful. I say this with the experience of a previous governing Council: Who’s reviewed so far, the requests thoroughly, for it is not easy to take suddenly in a short period of time a decision.

More do not expect the Minister of the economy?
Oh, Yes! We have all the health personnel to donated right-of applause for the great effort to save lives. At the same time, the Federal Council has to inform the protection for the nursing staff without Need, and without the social partners to be pushed aside. This is not possible! The Federal Council has to take the back.

Has arrived the Minister of economic Affairs?
The will show. He has listened to us anyway, the course. The adopted 42 billion Swiss francs in Federal aid have confirmed this and are very important. But the Situation remains tense. In the crisis, when people have existential Fears, then the inequality is perceived as ten times greater. It is the top-of-the are not wage earners, but the nurses, the assistants, and Buschauffeure, the kidney Expo. It is the employees who have to do without in the case of short-time working to 20 per cent of your salary.

The Unia, a stimulus program calls.
of Course, it is not a question of whether it needs it. Correctly dangers of the Federal Council, much of the country. You can not drive but just in a few weeks by the press of a button high. The activity is unfortunately slowly again. The authorities need to help the economy, then on the jumps.

How to look like the stimulus program?
The wage guarantees the most important economic program at all. But there will be a purchasing power issue. Many of you will have received for several weeks, only 80 percent of the wage. Others will be more unemployed. And the self-employed will only have a maximum of earned 196 francs per day. The only 30 or 50 percent for a lot of of what you are taking otherwise. The premium shock is yet to come in health insurance. Because Corona is causing in the health sector, high cost. For 2021, the premiums could rise massively. Here, the Federal government should invest around 2 billion Swiss francs, in order for the premiums to remain tolerable.

And how do you Finance all this?
A legitimate question. The Federal government can afford the 42 billion. In the case of the low interest rates, debt is affordable. But of course, you should be able to think about possibly even much higher investments are to be financed. Because I see the cantonal financial Directors: you will want-saving programs by dragging. What it takes is solidarity.

so you are calling classic left-wing redistribution.
Sorry, it’s the nurses and saleswomen – particularly many women – and the people at the rail, logistics and construction, which keep the Swiss on the Run. And there are many low-income earners. If the business owner pay after the crisis, an Orgy of giant dividends, while small-starve-income earners, then it is not understood.

last question – it is now, perhaps, the cross in the landscape: How is it with the relations with the EU. These are no longer important?
Yes, but we must first bottomed the SVP Initiative. This will now happen several months later. Then we need to look at how Europe comes out of the crisis. We don’t know how to get back to normality. We don’t even know what’s in two weeks or two months. The white well-to-none.