water, provisions and fuel, would you get the Yes. But no berth. A few days ago Cypriot security forces had a ship with around 100 migrants on Board, to sail away again. The reason is that the current Corona pandemic.

Italy is moving in a similar direction. According to the AFP news Agency of the Italian foreign Minister, Luigi di Maio said after the Video conference with his EU colleagues, at the beginning of the week that his country is ready to “open its own ports” for rescued refugees. Italy was overloaded by the Coronavirus-crisis anyway.

Precisely because of this crisis, the EU has now decided to close their external borders for Non-EU citizens temporarily. Asylum seekers are allowed to enter still, after extensive health checks. In theory, at least. The above examples show that the reality is different. But not only since the Coronavirus is widespread in Europe.

trend-in amplifier Corona

Florian Trauner, migration researcher at the Institute for European politics from the Free University of Brussels, says the present crisis is a Trend, the years of “not a risk anyway since” some months, when the rise. “For people who want to seek asylum in Europe, the situation is becoming more and more difficult. The obstacles are more,” says Trauner. The Coronavirus is from the give to politicians in various countries there is a strong Argument to make for migrants and refugees even more difficult, if not impossible, to Europe at all to get in.

in Front of the Corona there were to vulnerable people the Chance to find about the Resettlement programmes in Europe for refuge. These include, according to the UN, refugees can neither return to their home country, nor the country can remain in the you have fled.

the refugee Agency of the UN (UNHCR) and the International organization for Migration (IOM) have exposed since then, these programmes, due to the COVID-19-pandemic, temporarily, to even the Weakest, the wait most Vulnerable among the families at the gates of Europe.

“wars, and persecution have not

stopped” Even if life had changed for many, so strong, as you can never have imagined: “wars and persecution have not stopped,” said Filippo Grandi with recently. The High Commissioner for refugees, the UN said he was increasingly concerned because of the actions of some countries, which could undermine the right to apply for asylum.

In Greece, for example, even before Corona was not the case. After the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the end of February had declared the Turkish-Greek border to be opened, made of thousands of people on the way there. Greek security forces stopped them with water cannons, smoke bombs and tear gas from coming in the EU. Who has made it, nevertheless, may apply in Greece, however, no asylum, because the government has suspended the right for 30 days.

Also in other EU countries, the situation for asylum seekers is anything but rosy: In Belgium, France and the Netherlands, for instance, the governments of castles because of the COVID-19-pandemic, offices, which usually looked after asylum applications, says Judith Sunderland, Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch in Europe and Central Asia. For the refugees and migrants who are already in Europe, it is extremely difficult to be health care. Many lived in overcrowded reception centres. “All of this increases the risk of very strong to be infected with the Virus.”

More than 40,000 refugees and migrants on the Greek Islands

Particularly in the Camps on the Greek Islands, the situation is very critical. Sunderland is not the only one that sees there is a possible Hotspot for the Coronavirus. Organizations, and also the interior Committee of the EU aid Parliament in demanding that the more than 40,000 migrants and asylum seekers from the Camps in Lesbos, Samos, Kos, Leros and Chios to the mainland is to be taken before it comes to a disaster. Actually, several EU States, including Germany, had to be incorporated, have already promised to at least the 1500 unaccompanied Minors. As the EU Commission announced last week, will delay the action due to the Corona pandemic, however, now.

As a basic Jean Asselborn, the Luxembourg foreign Minister, called, in an interview with DW, the potential danger that the children infected with either others, or herself sick could be. A statement is not enough for critics. NGOs such as “Pro ASYL” demand that the EU must take States because of the current crisis of refugees. And it is precisely those who suffer the most.

author: Marina ostrich Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease

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