Dortmund – It is in the hard landing after a fast-paced high-altitude flight.

In the year 2019, nearly 1.3 million passengers, the passenger took off from Dortmund airport Plus was 18.9 percent, the largest in NRW. Now the Luggage conveyor belts stand still. The cafes and the visitors ‘ terrace are tight. The huge arrival hall (2047 square meters), is often empty of people.

Orphaned switch, no passengers! How to see currently often at the Dortmund airport ausFoto: Stefano Laura

reason: Due to the Corona-crisis, the passenger broke-advent! On Tuesday, there were only seven take-offs and landings, on a normal Tuesday, it would be 50 to 60.
airport CEO Udo Mager (64) to the IMAGE: “We finished 2019 with an excellent result. However, it is now clear that we are to stay behind.“ Depending on the duration of the travel restrictions, might be the consequences for the economic Situation dramatically.

the airport counted over the last three weeks, only 91 919 passengers, in the prior-year period, there were 147 033 (minus 37,5 per cent). Many of the Connections are fully set, about to Poland (second-largest destination behind Romania), in Ukraine and Latvia.