Italy is in Europe, the epicenter of the Corona-crisis. Russian President Vladimir Putin sent soldiers into the country to help. But what is actually behind the action?

It was a unique image, the Italian car drivers this week on the 600-kilometre-long highway from Rome in the Corona-the epicenter of Lombardy in the North of the country, offered: a number of KAMAZ Trucks of the Russian army, managed under the Russian flag “experts and drugs”, according to Bergamo. Previously, nine transport aircraft of the Russian air force had landed with more than 100 members of the army South of Rome, to the Material unload.

A conversation between Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin and the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte last Saturday, had initiated the action, so the official Version.

That is really behind it

research is to IMAGE both the state as well as the type of “Corona-the help” is now completely different and reveal interesting insights into the cooperation of right-wing parties in Germany, Italy and Russia, as well as their influence on the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin.

At a military airport near Moscow, the aircraft (nine Ilyushin Il-76) were loaded on the last Sunday photo: Alexei Yereshko / AP Photo / dpa

On Monday, the AfD in the Bundestag declared, to the Surprise of many: “A request for assistance of the Bundestag members Ulrich Oehme for the Coronavirus severely affected the North of Italy has complied with the Russian leadership.”

IMAGE asked Oehme, is attributed to the right-nationalist “wing” to Björn Höcke, and 2018 as “election observers” to Russia in violation of international law annexed the Crimea traveled.

He said, “many of the Videos from the Lombardy region with the Stacks of coffins” would have touched him in the last week, “deep”. On Friday, it had been in a WhatsApp message, “the European Conservative”, a “cry for help of my Italian colleagues Paolo Grimoldi, according to Doctors,” and Oehme have started to arrange “quick help”.