When it comes to wine, we can learn German from the Austrians much: Austrians support their own wine industry, although in difficult years, the prices go up. The German wine-growers are in the character of the Corona-crisis in a very difficult Situation.

The cuisine, an important factor in the whole of Germany will be closed. Many caterers can already be ordered and delivered wines not to pay – or not to say in some cases that you can. Foreign customers cancel in the sign of the crisis of your orders. The winemakers free shipping currently, often their wines to private customers from twelve bottles of Porto. Others give substantial discounts.

For the new Year 2020, the tried-and-tested and expert vineyard workers from Poland, Romania or Bulgaria do not come because of the Virus into the country. Replacement is not to be found in Germany, because the vineyard work require years of experience. Many Work in the vineyard are right now.