Good News for the Swiss professional soccer last Friday. The Federal Council is allowed to short-time working for temporary employment contracts. Even professionals with temporary contracts can be set to short-time work. FC St. Gallen will request the cantonal authority to short-time working for all players, coaches and managers of the first team and the youth Department.

As the “St. Galler Tagblatt” writes, however, reacts only after the written consent of the persons Concerned, because they will suffer wage losses of twenty percent. In the case of the player, this will happen later, because you’re up to April in the prescribed holiday. “I’m sure we’ll have this solidarity,” said Ralph, Wüest, CFO of the Event AG, “I expect no Opposition.”

What does this all mean for a player? The Canton assumes 80 percent of the salary. This does not need to be reimbursed and amounts to a maximum of a month to 12’350 Swiss francs. Coach Peter Zeidler will work at least part time, his hours will be netted with the short-time work.

Wüest announces that the FC St. Gallen will not make up the difference to the actual wages.

The club has previously applied for large parts of the Event AG, short-time work. The application is still pending, it would, but a monthly relief of around 150’000 Swiss francs. In the case of the first team Staff, it would be about 250’000 Swiss francs.

Also, FC Thun, confirmed on Tuesday, compared to a VIEW that he had applied for those players that meet the conditions short-time work.

Not so the FC Basel, as FCB CEO Roland Heri confirmed: “no, the FCB does not burden the state coffers with short-time work for the player, although this is to be paid, of course, all social contributions as any employee, and each employee -.”

On the question of whether the professionals will voluntarily forgo pay, answer Heri: “The solidarity or the charitable commitment of our players and all the people at the FCB are personal and private. The 1. Team of the Severity of the Situation is, of course, aware of this. In what Form and to what extent the team introduction, is the subject of meetings of the game Council, the sports Department and the club management.”