The Corona-crisis summit has decided to Chancellor Angela Merkel with the Prime Minister as a contact ban.

the IMAGE gives an Overview of what is available now in Germany:

► 1. Citizens are encouraged to reduce the contacts to other people outside of the members of the house object to an absolutely necessary Minimum.

► 2. Is In the Public domain, wherever possible, to other than the sub-1. persons referred to a minimum to comply with the level of at least 1.5 meters.

► 3. The stay in the public space is only alone, with a further non-Person living in the household or in the circle of the members of the house stand allowed.

► 4. The way to work, to emergency care, shopping, doctor visits, participation in meetings, required appointments and tests, help of others, or of individual sports and exercise in the fresh air, as well as other necessary activities remain, of course, still possible.