Melek Güven work in your Restaurant “Güvens Pizza and kebab house needs to” stop for a minute. It visit now is the time when your neighbor Lieselotte from Uchtrup (91). At lunch, the 23-year-old Kurdish girl to the old lady over, always brings a package with food. This time a honey melon, tea, mushrooms, spring onions and bread in the bag. Melek, it has not far.

The Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the turquoise blue house on the station road in Heddesheim, both women live on the first floor. “Come, wife, neighbor”. The older lady in the blue-green knit sweater asks Melek in their Two-room apartment, the two women sit down at the brown oak dining table with the white tablecloth. The Reporter of FOCUS Online may be unlock to security via Video, as also in Baden-Württemberg social contacts should as far as possible be avoided. private Lieselotte from Uchtrup is happy about the help.

#corona care made on the Initiative to the attention of

Lieselotte from Uchtrup, who lives alone, is happy about the daily visit and the food, which gives you Melek: “I will find it very nice that Melek every day. This is a neighborhood, how can you wish for, especially in these times.“ You write to us,


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she’s not the only older lady in the 12,000 inhabitants of the town of Heddesheim near Mannheim, the Melek Güven supported. The young Kurd is a part of the “initiative Heddesheim”, on the FOCUS Online under the Initiative “#corona care – Germany helps” already reported.

Mario Münzer, Nico Schilhabel and Beate Hill have founded the Initiative on Saturday a week ago via a Facebook call. In the meantime have connected 140 Heddersheimer of the Initiative – many of them have become over the publication FOCUS Online attention.

charity has always been important for the family

charity and compassion Melek Güven, the oldest of nine children, from their parents in the cradle has been placed. The father decided five years ago to move from Frankfurt to Heddesheim, the Restaurant is open and the people in the place at any time something to make.

“If we ate with the family in the Restaurant, who shared my mother with the guests of the bread,” says Melek. 24. January, the mother suffered a heart attack and died at the age of 41. The father is not well since then. Melek suddenly had the responsibility for the family. The racially motivated attack in Hanau, Germany, in February, a Relative of her godfather died. And now the Corona-crisis. private “Güvens Pizza and kebab house” – the Restaurant of Melek Güven.

“It was a lot of, actually too much this year,” says Melek. The Restaurant is allowed due to the Corona-crisis delivery offer Take-away food or as a service. Two-thirds of its sales way to break her straight, while lease and rent continue to run.

However, the Kurd is a fighter. In the summer of last year, it has been in the municipal election as a first Nachrückerin for the SPD in the Council elected. Your favorite politician is the late former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. His Belief “In the time of crisis of character,” she shares.

care packages for the customers

Therefore, you do not have to Worry about the Welfare of the people in Heddesheim.

customers come to your Restaurant to have pre-ordered food to pick up, to expect, that Melek pushes you a Care package with fresh food in Hand. Older people in particular you want to help leave because of the Corona Virus only rarely in the house. Yesterday, they gave away four large bags to your customers: “do you Have elderly neighbors?”, she then asks in their immediate disarming art. “If you want, you can do a good deed.”

It is an attempt to reach out to the people in Heddesheim and support. Your helpful actions will you continue to expand, in order to bring help specifically to the man or the woman. “We must discover the way,” she says. For the time being she controls the distribution of the Care packages, especially from their Restaurant.

In the Corona-crisis, it came as probably never before in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany on compassion, empathy, solidarity, and charity, says Melek Güven. “That’s why our Care packages for the people in Need are now even bigger. We pack homemade bread, fruit such as melons and bananas, tea, vegetables pure. In the bakeries the bread is now scarce.“

private Melek Güvens late mother, Rahim was for the family a great role model.

The majority of people are happy about their mostly unsolicited help, says Melek. Some are confused and ask: “Why give you to eat?” She then responds: “We have enough of it, you see it as a nice gesture. Today I give you something, tomorrow you another what.“ It is the Domino effect had hopes that the Melek Güven, in order to make the society more human. And it is the life principle of your mother, she has given her children is.

her family runs a vegetable and fruit shops in Weinheim. If these stores survive the crisis financially, don’t know the family. Also not if and when they get financial support from the state. It Güven don’t want to wait. She works tomorrow for a Security service in front of the local supermarket. She wasted no thoughts about the existence of fears: “We must help each other now.” And if you get a Smile from people like Lieselottte of Uchtrup, this is the most beautiful gift.

in Spite of their illness will Münzer help

For Mario Münzer and Nico Schilhabel, the co-founder of the “initiative Heddesheim, are people like Melek Güven, in turn, a gift: “The family has to bear some of the blows of fate, and yet for others. This is great.“ Private Mario Münzer is a risk of the patient and fights for his fellow –

The family Güven had been involved from the beginning, since she arrived five years ago to Heddesheim, in the community and people in need of help, support, says Münzer. Such people, he needs for his Corona-aid project. “We want to inform, reassure, the helpers network, and in particular the needy and the elderly, help support,” says Münzer.

Also, the relaxation coach Münzer and his life partner, Schilhabel, event Manager, have been struggling financially, both are self-employed, you all losing revenue just. Münzer also suffers from the bowel disorder Crohn’s disease. Your commitment will not affect, on the contrary, According to the Corona-crisis, they want the “help initiative Heddesheim” as a club to enter. In the meantime, have found imitators: “A man from the town of Ratingen has been reported according to the FOCUS Online report on me,” says Münzer. “He also wants to establish a helpful initiative.”

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