With the action “#corona care: Germany helps” calls FOCUS to help needy people from the neighborhood. Be it help with shopping or for a Walk with the dog. Especially the elderly and the chronically ill is not recommended to travel by public transport to avoid large crowds and to attend any events. These people urgently need support.

with the FOCUS-Online-Facebook-group “corona care” could be some of the people helped. For example, Christine Gorth, who is dependent due to their illness in urgent need of disinfectants. The FOCUS Online Community has taken care of within the shortest period of time, that Christine Gorth received several bottles of disinfectant. PUSH Germany helps – 2015 they fled to Germany, now two Syrians seniors want to save from Corona

Send us your story

several actions we have already reported. But we are sure: There is still a lot more. Therefore, we need your help: you helped in the Corona of a crisis, or you have helped someone can be removed with this heavy a load? the Then you write to us your story by e-Mail to “deutschland-hilft-sich@focus.de”. And you are a part of our solidarity campaign!

Here, there are already local initiatives

The FOCUS of the Online Facebook group was only the beginning. On Facebook have been established, based on the FOCUS Online-action, local groups where people offer help for everyday things. So, for example, the group “#corona care of Würzburg helps”, which already has over 3000 members and in the every hour for several new volunteers to report.

other regions in Germany gather in these groups. Both the people in the Region of Aachen as well as in the city of Aachen, have gathered a lot of people in a group. The aim is also here to help the people who belong to the risk group of particularly vulnerable people, quickly and easily. In addition, there are always helpful posts, what can be done in certain situations, such as finding a doctor.

the cities of München (about 400 members), Wiesbaden, and Leipzig already have a group of their own, which are based on the of FOCUS Online initiated group, just like the Federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.

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