Eric told to FOCUS Online : “we are for a short time, mom and dad, to direct our support to people in similar situations. Because this group suffers from the current Situation. Pregnancy classes, midwifery care – all of this is currently very difficult.“ private young parents about the App

helped The target audience was very clear: parents in pregnancy to parents of children up to two years.

“Digital proximity in physical distance,”

After numerous discussions with other well-known pairs, the idea was to fix. Under the Slogan “more digital proximity in physical distance,” have selected the island in cooperation with 15 midwives and four professional Yoga teachers a great offer:

“All the expectant Mamas can register free of charge to midwives for advice. The runs digitally via Skype, Mail, phone, etc. We offer sports courses for before and after pregnancy. This will also be performed digitally by professional Yoga teachers and midwives,“ says Eric, is not the result.

“To this end, we have developed an App for the digital parents-helping neighbors: moms and Dads can now support with neighboring families directly. It can be anything. From shopping to Walking the dog.“

toy exchange and shopping support

The offer is appreciated very much. After just a few days, 257, couples alone the App. For the next week, start Midwife services, and pregnancy rates have registered also already a large number of parents.

Eric is very excited and tells stirred for two examples: “In Munich’s Westend, the two moms, Lena and Vanessa have met on the App. It is directly opposite and support from now on while shopping.“

“In Unterföhring also met two mothers digital. They both have young daughters, and now exchange regularly toy. We are really happy and hope that we can provide so many parents with valuable support.“

Who wants to take this assistance, you can inform here.

If you need help, a member of an organization, the people supported, or even actively want to be, then you can write to us at – and be part of our solidarity campaign! You write to us,


  • … to
  • … if you belong to the risk group and tell us where you need help.
  • … if you want to help, but don’t know how.
  • … if you are part of an organization and in the network want to be.
  • … if you have an idea of how people can support each other.
  • … if you have an inspiring helper history, you tell us to.

Here are the Affected organizations, which will help you to find:

The card for the App User.

forms to hang and Distribute

So, you can offer help in The form to Print as a PDF

The form for the App User.

So, you can seek the help of The form to Print as a PDF

The form for the App User.

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