On the other hand, also have stand-Alone, in times of social distance difficulties.

But how can boredom, cabin fever, loneliness, anxiety, and relationship stress be combated? The answer to the “Coron-A-Mat” from the Think Tank IRights to.Lab supply. On the website www.coronamat.de there are free of charge to over 600 tips.

“What do I do if my Partner is annoying?”

After selecting the question, the user will receive a series of proposals to tackle your problem. About the question: “What do I do if my Partner is annoying?”

The Coron-A-Mat offers several solutions: “to get out of here with headphones in the kitchen and call your best buddy” or “times are your Partner in watercolor” with only two options.

Coron-A-Mat is reminiscent of Tinder

The handling is reminiscent of the Dating App Tinder. By a wiper on the left side unwanted tips can sort out. In contrast, the matching tips with a wiper to be stored on the right side.

The Initiative, it is important to mention that the Coron-A-Mat is not a point of contact for practical assistance with medical problems in connection with or in consequence of the outbreak of Covid-19.

If you need help, a member of an organization, the people supported, or even actively want to be, then you can write to us at deutschland-hilft-sich@focus.de – and be part of our solidarity campaign!

Write to us

  • … to deutschland-hilft-sich@focus.de
  • … if you belong to the risk group and tell us where you need help.
  • … if you want to help, but don’t know how.
  • … if you are part of an organization and in the network want to be.
  • … if you have an idea of how people can support each other.
  • … if you have an inspiring helper history, you tell us to.

Here are the Affected organizations, which will help you to find:

The card for the App User.

forms to hang and Distribute

So, you can offer help in The form to Print as a PDF

The form for the App User.

So, you can seek the help of The form to Print as a PDF

The form for the App User.

  • And also about our corona care-Facebook-group you can share.
  • FOCUS Online shows how you can support others without putting people in danger: solidarity in times of Corona-crisis: So you can help other people
  • FOCUS Online shows, where vulnerable people find support: Corona-pandemic restricts everyday lives of at-risk groups: Here Affected help to find Where Coronavirus occurs? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit lung disease Covid-19: Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease