Rezan Corlu of the good itself.

he did not play any good game as he is with his current crew, Lyngby, visited the team he plays for next season, Brøndby, denmark, who won 1-0.

Guest 10’s have the whole winter and up to this battle has been a large topic of conversation because of its kontraktsituation, and because he himself has expressed that he really would prefer to have been changed back to Brøndby in the last transfervindue, and Sunday, rested many eyes looked at him.

“It was a bit special and strange when you need him for the summer, but when the fight started, I tried not to focus on it. Which I tried just to focus on playing the match and make it as good as possible,” says Rezan Corlu and adds:

“It is always annoying to lose, but I also think it is a difficult place to play. Brøndby plays well, has some good players and are calm on the ball. They have a lot of profit, I feel. We run after the ball,” explains the coming of Mcdonalds to play and say about his own performance:

“It didn’t go well personally. It is probably not one of my best matches, but it is also a difficult place to play, and they utilized their space on the track and made us run a lot, but it was probably not my best match, no,” he says, and continues:

“There was of course also something mentally that played into. There has been a lot of focus on me up to this battle, and it is something new for me. I also just learn. But I don’t feel it was that did it. I just felt that Bolton were better than us, and it made it hard for us to play. I had it hard, and it had the team too.”

take up considerable head coach, Christian Nielsen, regret also that Rezan Corlu has not received more out of the fight.

“I’ve seen better matches from Rezan, of course I have it. We all know that it was a difficult game for him in all ways – the wings, the intense publicity that has been for him. Rezan did everything he could. The trust we have shown him, he paid back, I think,” says Christian Nielsen, which are not considered to depart from the Rezan Corlu because of tilhørsforholdene.

“we Have said a, we also say b. His past performances for us speaks for itself, so for us there was not any considerations in relation to whether he should play the match. We have talked with Rezan about where the limits are, and what you can expect and not expect and what to prepare for, and I think he did it exemplary.”

It was shortly into the second half that the match was decided hesitate to point towards the advantage, as Simon Hedlund fired a shot from the edge of the field.

“I think we lost a single point. It was an equal fight, and we had our glory of the. We played a great first half and keeps Brøndby down on a shot on goal. Brondby scores on their good period at the start of the second half on an individual action. It was well made of Hedlund,” says Christian Nielsen explains:

“And so I think, that we come back and try to chase the target, which means that we can get a point, and it is right by the and almost. We could taste a point, and we feel we were damn close, but we are not with any point. The performance was passable, but unfortunately the players not deserved.”

Lyngby-coach, however, takes the positive with him in the bus on the way north.

“If we continue with the kind of performance we’ll get rescued this club compared to being in the row. It is our only goal, and it has been from day one.”

Lyngby in the next match, a trip to Aalborg, while Brøndby visit Farum and FC Nordsjælland.