Musician and politician Sergey Shnurov has published a poem in response to the refutation of the rumors about the wealth of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. The work appeared in the artist Instagram.

Cords ridiculed the words of the Patriarch, noting that “all the luxury of a” clergy critics just seemed to.

On the hand, watch for thousands of
the Cross sticking out of a rolls Royce.
You lay fear God,
who will Attain the spirit of a beggar.
What you think are your manners,
having Read stupid?
It’s all a matter of faith,
Father out of passion

Earlier, the Patriarch has denied the rumors about his wealth. According to him, there is no truth, and they are distributed in order to discredit the Ministers of the Church and undermine their moral authority. “Everything that is said and written, it is more common that we ceased to speak God’s truth. As soon as we say that it is nice to hear the powerful, any criticism of the Church will not all immediately disappear on hand to wear there,” he said.