Musician Sergey Shnurov said his conflict with the producer Joseph Prigogine about the “needy” artists showed the irrelevance of some of the national stars and “fake” popularity.

In a column on the website KP.RU Cord noted that “rhymes” and “swearing” in a dispute with the producer hid the “semantic” part is a problem of lack of support of the Russian stars left because of the epidemic COVID-19 earnings from her audience.

“complaints about the difficult financial situation the answer at best: “… (go – ed.) to work.” And at worst … no, that will not pass censorship,” said Cords.

the Musician came to the conclusion that in fact the work these artists do not need anyone. But then this begs the question, writes Cord, how these stars were able to live luxuriously, bathing in the glory, and then in a moment to lose. In his opinion, the fact is that these artists are fake as their glory, and their fans. Number of subscribers in social networks, views and “likes” of the clips is wound, but in reality they only want those in power who use of the budget”.

“Explain the scheme: if you “star”, and your “producer” – with relationships, the basic checkout you do not concerts for the tickets, and all sorts of “town days”. For their money on these “show” no go,” explained Cord.

the Allocated budget to the event money needs to be mastered that “assorted “stars” and other “riffraff” and do. All this is not for people, and for the bosses who just want to report that they have a real star made.

“So the support from people they will not wait. That’s the whole story”, concluded the Cords.

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