Musician, poet and leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov on his official page in social network in obscene poem expressed his own emotions regarding the jump in the price of vodka in Russian stores.

The contractor began his work with the fact that the news upset him two things: the already mentioned rise in prices for strong alcohol and the closure of the local little bars on the territory of St. Petersburg. On Cords, as if addressing the lawmakers, asks the question: “All the brains, eh resets?”.

How can you not live negativ/ listen to the promises, speech/ If no prospects, And pay for the rest nothing? — wrote Cords in Instagram.

Next, the musician said that, in his opinion, vodka is the latest available in Russia leisure. Then he wished, that burned with fire the house of deputies (hereinafter, the poet promises that the people will feed or dogs) and the Kremlin. And the last one sober, and the rich in Russia Cords advised to “chew the last quail”.

As previously wrote the musician has published poems about the arrested the Governor of Khabarovsk region Sergei Furgal. The leader of group “Leningrad” called the detainee policy as a “good man” who “did not bzdit”, i.e., not afraid.