With big ambitions of FC Barcelona began the season. Championship, Champions League, Copa Del Rey, the competition wanted to win the Team. Now the season for the Catalans with a disappointment to the end, in the final of the national Cup competition, it is against Valencia, a very surprising 1:2 defeat.

In this case, the game in Seville starts for the Blaugrana promising. Quickly, the Team around Superstar Lionel Messi, the scepter, a constricted Valencia literally in their own half. However, the Team of José Carmona is doing what it can in such situations: to Defend and to a small miracle of hope.

Prompt Valencia comes after a lot of defensive work to counter and Gameiro (21.) sunk to the 1:0. For Barça it comes even thicker, Rodrigo (33.) after only a short time later and before the break.

Messi-goal makes Barça hope – in vain

After the page change is only one team on the Ball, Barcelona recorded a Chance after the other. But where is a Messi or Coutinho would normally make easily, today awarded options at the running meter. The Cup writes, once again, his own stories.

It is also the goal of Messi (73 changes.) nothing more. The Argentine, with a net after a corner from a short distance, makes Barcelona once again hope. At the end of 80 per cent ball possession, 26:9 degrees –but only the ungrateful second rank.

The disappointment at Barça: huge, the players thank the Fans, take your medal and then disappear immediately in the cabin. Valencia are not interested in this at all: let the travelling Fans after the Cup-cheers still long to celebrate.