Give someone the little Finger, and he takes the whole Hand. As or similar to a bunch of food managers are likely to groan at the Moment.

The little Finger has given Nestlé. The Multi Vevey, VD has to reduce in the spring to massive pressure from the Agecore, a European chains merger of the supermarket, the prices. And, thus, concessions made, which could now trigger an avalanche.

Because Agecore, is a member of Edeka (Germany) or Eroski (Spain), Coop, has tasted blood. The latest victim of a hot, Red Bull, Mars and Heineken. Big brands, but much more: the world’s largest companies, with dozens of sub-brands that deliver them to the supermarkets.

0.8 of a percentage of sales

the Beers Calanda, Eichhof, Ittinger and Desperados, among others, to Heineken. And the Mars-group controls, among others, the confectionery brands: M&M’s, Balisto, Snickers, and Bounty, and the pet food brands Whiskas, Sheba, or Pedigree.

According to the German “Lebensmittel Zeitung” calls Agecore-chief negotiator Gianluigi Ferrari, respectively, 0.8 per cent discount on the sales that the suppliers make with the six Agecore members. In order to make pressure, to boycott this supermarket chain is now a series of products of the manufacturer. At Christmas time, people buy a lot, this is particularly painful.

It should go to the 56 article of Mars, 21 of Red Bull and 14 of Heineken. These were not, however, the impact of the products. By boycotting this, could Ferrari to expand the pressure later.

The first holes gape in the shelf

The “food newspaper”, refers with these details on the German supermarket giant Edeka. But you are likely to apply also for Switzerland, that is to say for Coop. In the spring this was in a dispute with Nestlé. Neither Coop nor the supplier wanted to comment yesterday on request.

it does a Coop employee, as the VIEW yesterday and asked where the Erdinger beer remained. Heineken is allowed to sell the brand in Switzerland, namely exclusive. “We do not have in stock,” says the employee. A few shelves further on, the image is confirmed: Where a Sugus-should be variety, a gaping hole. Just as in the case of a Uncle-Ben’s-rice places. At the Moment the article is not available, it says on a sign.