Attentive customers may have wondered: Since recently, smaller Cola Büchsli in Coop in some of the shops in the frame. The 33-cl cans is gone, and has made a 25-cl-Büchsli place. The small box costs 70 cents, the traditional 33-cl-Büchsli goes for 75 cents on the counter. A hidden price increase?

no, according to the Coop a try. “We test in 65 high-frequency point of sale the customer’s acceptance of Coca-Cola Classic and Zero in 25 cl cans,” says a Coop spokeswoman to VIEW. How long the Test is running, does not want to tell the retailers.

but One thing is clear: the smaller doses at the customers, you will be added to the range. Coop seems so final to the Trend to ever-smaller bottle and can sizes to health-conscious customers to jump.

The cans come from Italy. Coop does not cover you in the case of Coca-Cola Switzerland in Brüttisellen ZH. “For the above-mentioned 25-cl-box, we can take no position, because it is not distributed by us,” says a spokesman for to VIEW.

Coca-Cola is shrinking the bottles, but not the price

In April, has shrunk Coca-Cola bottles on 0,45 liters (previously 0.5 Liter), and 0.75 litres (previously 1 litre). The prices remained unchanged. This hidden price increase angered the customers. And not also tasted many retailers.

Despite intensive negotiations, Coca-Cola insists on the previous prices. Vending machine operator Selecta has banished a part of the drinks range from around 8000 machines.

Coop uses Coca-Cola head-on in

Also Coop, the price increase did not sit on. The Basler did not but the fist in the bag, but attacked the US beverage giant with a Cola head-on. Happy Cola is called and is made in Switzerland. Coop sold in two varieties in 0,5-Liter bottles. Also, the price is a Declaration of war: 1.20 Swiss francs per bottle. For comparison: The normal Coca-Cola in the 0.45-Liter bottle of it was in the Coop for 1.35 francs.

A balance sheet is positive: The Swiss shower seems to go down well with consumers. “We have passed Coca-Cola with our Happy Cola is already a third on the half-litre-bottle sales,” said Coop spokesman Urs Meier. He believes it is “not excluded” that, one day, Fanta and Sprite are complemented by a local variant. “We are constantly evaluating Alternatives from Switzerland.”