The sun is back in top form, and brings each to the sweating, the not splashing in the sea. Well, there are some helpers bring the holiday into the office, or on the Sofa.

Refreshing the microfiber cloth, that stays permanently cold

The Quick Aid Fresh Ice Towel is in the dry condition, extremely absorbent and protects the wearer from UV rays. If you do it a little wet, it acts a cooling effect, and can reach a temperature reduction of 30 percent. Prima refrigeration for several hours.

air purifier and fan in a

In the summer, it is particularly difficult to get home fresh air because all the Windows closed because of the heat mostly. The solution is an air purifier that provides at home for refreshment. Ideal models also have a fan included, so you can feel the cooling directly to it.

thermal water Spray for on-the-go

Not quite as the sea, but still wet: a water spray. Thermal water sprays to provide a healthy cooling and can be transported thanks to the practical Size, always and everywhere. Thanks to the thermal water is soothing and cleansing for the skin.

a self-cooling drinking glass

The cool-down, drink-glass for cold drinks without ice cubes in the Drink. The Whole thing works thanks to a sophisticated technique in which a glass-contained liquid freezes within an hour in the freezer. Thus, it is incorporated in the glass, the ice cubes, any of the drinks can be cool in three minutes.

giant unicorn sprinkler system

For the construction of a pool is not enough for the money unfortunately? There is now a unicorn sprinkler system! Yes, you read that right: Here the water from the Horn of a two-metre unicorn splashes against you. A water-fun for the whole family.

Mini-fridge for the office

This Gadget is guaranteed to each employee envy: a mini fridge, you can connect to a USB port on the PC. The small refrigerator offers space for two cans or a bottle and is an absolute eye-catcher.

the Pool to yourself

build to conjure up Within 30 minutes of a swimming Pool in the garden, thanks to the Fast Set Pool is possible. The two of you can build the over three meters wide pool, comfortable at home and saves then the path to the pool.


From now on, there are fruity Cocktails directly from the watermelon. How to do this? Just the melon drill a hole, tap hollow out, with the tool to remove the Core clean and ready the beverage dispenser is. Definitely an Eye-Catcher at every barbecue, and the shell ends up not just in the waste.