The heat has reached us at last – and, therefore, the Glace-season. Unfortunately, the icy refreshment is compatible with the hard-trained bikini figure. However, with Wasserglaces it doesn’t look quite as bad, in contrast to farmed varieties.

1. Rocket-Glace

Incredibly, the famous children’s Glace has a per-Stalks only 51 calories. Since not only the Small slam.

2. Twister

What luck: The ever-popular ice Twister 70 calories in place of two.

3. Strawberry and raspberry sorbets

Also for berry’s friends, there’s a good news is that Sorbets are a great fruit to share. The berry variants have about 76 calories per ball.

4. Winnetou

Just behind the Wasserglace Winnetou is located. Per piece feasting on here is 90 calories.

5. Stracciatella

the Worse it looks, however, for Rahmglace Fans. They contain much milk fat as the Stracciatella ice cream has about 130 calories.

6. Ovomaltine Crunchy Ice

no, the ovaltine ice cream is not actually landed on the last place. With 157 calories it reached the sixth place.

7. Coffee Glace

Even worse is the coffee Aroma. The Café Glace of Frisco contains a proud 175 calories.

8. Soft ice cream

at the Festival times just a soft serve ice cream treat? In the future, you should think rather twice about it, because it contains 193 calories are hidden.

9. Magnum Classic

The favorite of many a sweet tooth, is a regular calorie bomb. The Magnum Classic contains around 240 calories.

10. Pralinato

even at the thought of the fine chocolate stalks it melts away. The high chocolate content has been reflected, unfortunately, in the 248 calories.

11. Magnum Almond

In last place is again represented by Magnum, this time with the nut places Almond. 270 calories are in the little thing and as they always say, almonds are healthy!