This is a simple story: Two young Dutch women of moroccan parents have travelled to Morocco on impulse, to holiday and health no relatives. Just before the return they oppfordra to let the flimsy ungguten Murat Idriss get keep in holrommet where the spare wheel should be, and so be with over Gibraltarsundet.

In Europe should he get a job and send money back to their families, that the women watching can need it. What are they, who will not begrudge Murat the chance the parents their saw?

a Tragic outcome

A keen mediator fires up the slumrande, their conscience also bearing. The young marokkanaren gets to join.

But Murat survives, not the crossing. The two friends, Thouraya and Ilham, have to get rid of the corpse. Preferably in a dignified manner, but without that they end up in a brawl with the Spanish judiciary – who knows whether they risk punishment for menneskesmuglinga? Furthermore, the blakke.

Here talks about a problem with the practical, ethical, legal and economical aspects. And in Morocco the sit family, and hope that Murat will save them, while the mediator, living well on the savings to their.

New and positive forfattarkjennskap

The Dutch writer Tommy Wieringa unknown to me, but he turns out to have a long track record, and is quite clearly an artist who manages to convey a nuanced image with small cracks.

First he will take the time to depict Gibraltarsundet through millions of years, from which it was formed and to it is a purpose migrantar and refugees trying to cross, with their lives at stake.

The two women also stands clear before us: Thouraya that forakta his father. He believed he could rule over her, even though he is illiterate and at the bottom of the ladder in the Netherlands.

Ilham who hated the strict control at home. In Morocco see she travails she even refuse to experience, because the recollection of her journey to Europe, and gave her a completely different life. The only one they wanted in return was a obedient daughter …

Appealing kammerspel

the Trip to Morocco is such a type of journey that a return from with new insights. But then there is Murat.

For despite the small, but accurate cracks of the lives of two generations who live life in the span between Morocco and the Netherlands, is the author of never far away hovudsporet:

What have they done? And what shall they do now? The trip changes your life in entirely different ways than they had thought until the day before the return to the Netherlands.

“Murat Idrissis death” is a thrilling kammerspel with two living and one dead in a car through Europe.

There is also a depiction of the livsfarlege traffic over Gibraltarsundet. Of the desperate man and skruppellause intermediaries. And of the two young women who don’t understand rekkjevidda of the activities.

“Murat Idrissis death” will raise both aesthetic delight and ethical reflection.

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