powder, sauces, and even granola bars you can easily make from ingredients that everyone has at home, yourself. And: You can use the excess food and do not need to throw them away.

pudding powder

80 g Speisestärke40 g Zucker1 TSP ground vanilla bean or Vanillepulver2 TSP cocoa powder

thickness half of the food and the sugar together.Vanilla powder, add the powder for vanilla pudding.The other half of the cornstarch and sugar mix.Cocoa powder, add the powder for chocolate pudding.

½ Liter of milk and bring to a boil.Preferred powder in the boiling milk while stirring, then add the Mix to a boil.Mass into jars or bowls to fill, and cold. Fry sauces-powder

200 g Semmelbrösel100 g Gemüsebrühe100 g of dried Röstzwiebeln100 g of dried Champignons1 TBSP olive oil herbs and spices

All ingredients in the blender and at the end of the Oil add.Mix well, until a powder is formed.Powder in glass filling and store at room temperature.

you can Give the powder in hot, boiling water.Let the mixture stand a few minutes to simmer.At the end with spices and herbs according to choice, to taste. Pesto

150 g Rucola½ Federal Basilikum100 g Cashew Kerne70 g Parmesan1 Knoblauchzehe100 ml of olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice

All ingredients in a blender.Mass puree until it is uniform.Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste.For long-lasting durability in a jar with olive oil and store in the refrigerator.

Heating and pasta.Or: Cold or hot to the tomato-Mozzarella-salad add. Peanut butter

230 g unsalted Erdnüsse20 ml peanut oil salt and pepper to taste

peanuts in a pan set-up (without Oil).Then the peanuts with the Oil and spices in a blender.Puree until smooth and creamy.Peanut butter store in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

Butter as a spread on bread. Tomatoes-Dip

tomatoes (depending on the amount of 4 TABLESPOONS of the tomato oil to determine)a handful of nuts small bunch of Basil salt and pepper to taste

tomatoes, nuts and half of the Basil with tomato oil puree.Legal Basil and stir.Mixture stir until creamy mass.Dip with salt and pepper to taste.

As a Dip for Nachos or other Chips.Also Ideal as a Dip for barbecues with the meat. Cereal bars

225 ml Erdnussbutter150 ml Honig150 ml Kokosöl300 g cereal/Haferflocken20 g chocolate Streusel20 g almond Streusel20 g grated coconut

honey, peanut butter and coconut oil melt, cereal, almond , coconut and chocolate sprinkles to attach.Mass mix well and in a rectangular shape on a baking paper spread.Bars in the refrigerator and allow to set for at least two hours to cool. Powdered sugar

Any amount of sugar

Required amount of sugar the weigh in, and in a good blender.Mix well and again shake.Then with a strainer again and shake.

With the water mix for frosting over cake.Or: With a strainer on any Dessert spread.