Even if the new iPhone 11 will only be presented in September, the Design is already longer no longer a secret. Also a VIEW has already reported in may about the square hole for the camera system.

Now the US-Youtuber Marques Brownlee (25) has shown a Dummy of the smartphone – based on the models, which the manufacturer of accessories can be obtained in advance. And the cell phone expert, with nearly nine million subscribers of the world’s most important Youtubers in this field has only little to say flattering about it.

While he’s excited that Apple is not going to be installing for the first time, as the Android competition three lenses to the iPhone 11, the Design of the camera system like him at all.

“looks to The camera, just weird out”

Much too bulky and large to be the square camera cutout. If this is really black like in the model, it is simply a large dark spot. “It looks just weird,” says Marques Brownlee in this Video. That Apple will change also otherwise, the Design of almost nothing, was disappointing, as there was last year, hardly any visual changes.

Marques Brownlee is expected, in turn, three models, i.e. iPhone, 11, or iPhone XI with 5.8-inch Screen, to be iPhone 11 Max with 6.5-inch and an iPhone 11R with 6.1 inches. Otherwise many things remain the same as in the previous year. As Apple continues to further not on a USB-C connector, such as the hope for many Fans, but on the previous Lightning connector.

Also a fingerprint Scanner below the screen, like Samsung or Huawei Apple to abandon the buyer. According to the Youtuber, the US manufacturer is likely to rely more on face recognition. As a result, the iPhone has a large recess in the Screen for selfie camera and Sensors. Not only Brownlee finds that it is a fairly old-fashioned.

The Fans are also> disappointed,

The balance sheet of the prominent Youtubers: “all in All, this is a disappointing Update.” What is the reaction of Apple Fans? In the over 7500 comments there’s hardly a contradiction, over 90 percent agree with the conclusion. Over 32’000 Viewer have expressed also the approval with a “thumbs up”, only around 1,000 of the thumb to point downward.