If there is a number that Switzerland is defined as a country of public transport, then this: 494’058. So many of the Passes were at the end of September 2018 in circulation. Each of the 17. Inhabitants of travels with public transport, a GA is worth it.

The managers of this number causes a headache. “Compared to the rest of the public TRANSPORT range of the GA-price ratio is moderately low, respectively, the price-to-performance ratio too well”, it says in an internal document of CH-Direct, an Association of approximately 250 carriers.

The paper is dated 6. March 2019 and is available to the “observer” – much to the displeasure of those in charge. It is a template for the meeting of the Strategic Committee of CH-Direct. The Largest in the industry, such as SBB, BLS, Zurich transportation network, and post the car.

Four measures against unprofitable much driver

The plans are controversial. The success of the model, a General subscription shall be shaken, in principle, but violently – the price will be screwed to the top.

This one has, especially the “Heavy User”, the target will have paid for your GA under certain circumstances after a few months. You generate per Kilometer, or merely a revenue of 13.8 cents in the second and 19.2 cents in the first – class to be little for the transport company.

This is a Problem want to back the public TRANSPORT Manager, to the body, among other things, these measures:

With the timetable change in December 2021, the GA is supposed to be a whopping 10 per cent more expensive . Instead of, as today, 3860 francs would then cost an annual subscription to 4250 francs. For comparison: in 1990, you paid for a GA yet, 2150 Swiss francs. Since then, the General inflation rate was 31 percentage points. The GA, however, was 79 per cent more expensive. With the planned premium, the price would be double compared to 1990.The possibility of the GA for up to 30 days to stay put – for example, due to a holiday, should be deleted. For the discussion of a the abolition of the popular commune-days cards by December 2020.It will hit hardest, according to the intent of the PUBLIC utility Manager students who are over 25. benefit so far to 30. The age of a Junior-GA and pay for only 2650 francs. This should be starting at the end of the year deadline: 26’000 students with Junior-GA to pay the full price of 3860 francs. This means a price increase by a whopping 45 percent.

In the case of CH-Direct, you would have to keep the controversial plans like to have something for themselves. “Currently, there is no decision to increase the GA-prices”, they stated. The Considerations are, but thrived, at least in terms of the abolition of the Junior GAs for students over 25, apparently, very far: “all the 25-Year-old will receive a discount of 500 francs at the GA in the Transition between the GA youth and GA adults. This discount replaces the current special discount for students between 25 and 30 years.”

Also, the “Track 7” is gone

For the Affected plans from to solve Konsternation. With the abolition of the popular “Track 7” had to be young people to accept anyway, just a massive price increase, says Nino Wilkins, Co-President of the Association of Swiss student bodies (VSS). “Just because one is 26, not as a student, suddenly rich.” There are quite reasons that someone beyond this age to be at University or ETH. “Who gets during the studies in children or for longer military service provides, requires, under certain circumstances, a couple of semesters.” It could also happen that you to a number of universities in Switzerland-courses documents: “one is extremely glad to be a discounted GA.”

the plans of The transportation companies also Price watchdog Stefan Meierhans irritate. He knows officially yet, but has General reservations: “The Cost gap between the Individual and the public transport goes on and on,” he says. Say: The Wise does not train, but the car, because in comparison with the public transport is always cheaper.

Meier, Hans says, it is the major transport associations, the call for higher Tariffs. Because the networks are extended, prices are rising. It is, therefore, more and more public TRANSPORT users, more attractive to buy a GA, and PTAs to make pressure, that you will come across a higher GA-Tariff however, on your bill.

The SBB as the main protagonist would have held this pressure for long, says Meier, Hans. “But now the castle of peace in the industry, with many different actors, apparently, more important than the interests of the customer.”

Commission will be asked clarity

That a lot of drivers more to the Fund, to meet Edith Graf-Litscher mad. The SP national councillor and trade Union Secretary of the railway staff Association fears that an increase in the price of many back in the car instead of the train. “This can’t be the intention.”

In Parliament, you know, usually until very late, if in public TRANSPORT prices forthcoming increases, complained Graf-Litscher. Now the President of the national Council’s transport Committee wants to give. “I’m going to andieren the topic for the next Commission meetings tract. Then I would like to get from the transport company information, what you plan effectively.”

This article was taken from the magazine “observer”. More exciting articles, see www.beobachter.ch.