This is because neither the melody or the singer’s voice – but something quite different.

Namely, that the song is carried partially in English.

“It is true that the English chorus destroyed my ears a bit when I heard the song on the radio in the morning,” said the minister for culture, Franck Riester, according to Le Parisien during a hearing in the French parliament on Tuesday, where he was asked to provide its position to the song.

In the song ‘The Best In Me’,which is carried by the 30-year-old singer and actor Tom Leeb, is the chorus in English, while the verses are in French.

This believes Franck Riester, however, is a shame.

“I ask me still uncomprehending opposite, that France has sent a song in a chorus written in English on. Everyone should set a good example in order to ensure that France worn with pride anywhere in the world, all the time – even if we know that the French content in a foreign language is also a way to promote France.”

‘Best of me’, which – to make it even more confusing – is written by three swedes, was unveiled at a grand appearance in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris, the 16. February.

It is the French tv channel ‘France 2’, which has selected the song to represent France at this year’s Eurovision.

the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020 will be taking place in Rotterdam in the Netherlands 16. may.

Who will represent Denmark in the international singing competition, is not yet known.

It is determined 7. march, where the Danish Melodi Grand Prix for the first time in 17 years – to be held in Copenhagen.