The consumer sentiment Index of the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco) declined in April at -6 points, such as the quarterly survey showed. Thus, the Index exceeded its long-term average of -9 points, according to the Seco on Friday in a Communiqué. In the last survey in January, the Index had stood at -4 points.

With a view to the General economic development of the respondents still similar to optimistic as in the previous quarter, The index remained at -3 points over the long-term average of -9 points. This indicates at least a continuation of the last moderate economic growth, with shared the Seco-experts.

the assessments of the consumers have been clouding for the labour market. Job security was assessed in April, significantly lower than at the beginning of the year. In the long-term comparison they remained above average.

After all, also here the Situation in line with the decline in total unemployment. The sub-index of expected development of unemployment (31 points) stayed significantly under its average.

Only a little reason to be optimistic, the Swiss consumers see in terms of the budget situation. The expectations in this respect have deteriorated compared to January. Both the anticipated saving probability (12 points) as well as the expected financial position (-5 points) had the respondents are slightly more pessimistic than in January shown.

Fittingly, the propensity to large purchases had remained at a below-average level. The most recent survey results suggest a subdued development of private consumption expenditure is expected, the conclusion of the Seco.