Consumer confidence in the U.K. increased in January

Moscow, January 31 – “News.Economy.” The consumer confidence index of the UK to the country’s economy in January increased by 2 points month-on-month and amounted to minus 9 points, according to a study Gfk.

Experts predicted the index to increase to a minus of 9 points from minus 11 points in December, according to data from Trading Economics.

it is Noted that the index increased for the second consecutive month but remained in negative territory for almost four months in a row, the last time he had positive value in January 2016, and in the next two months was zero. In January, 2019 the index stood at minus 14 points.

Four of the five components of the confidence index in January increased compared with December’s values, says the company.

the sub-indices of the assessment of the British personal financial situation over the past 12 months increased in January by 4 points to 1 point from minus 3 points, the indicator of expectations for the next year rose by 3 points and reached 6 points. In January 2019, the first indicator was at zero level, the second was 1 point.

Indicator to consumers of the General economic situation in the country in the last 12 months rose 3 points to minus 28 points. A year earlier it was around minus 35 points.

a sub-index of expectations for the next year also rose 3 points to minus 24 points (minus 39 points in January 2019).

Indicator in assessing the readiness of consumers to spend money on major purchases in the current month fell by 2 points to 1 point. A year ago, its value was 2 points.

the study Gfk conducted from 2 to 14 January on behalf of the European Commission, was attended by over 2 thousand Britons under the age of 16.

Minimum level of the consumer confidence index, which is calculated from 1974, bwas recorded in July 2008 – a minus of 39 points.

the Record was set in June 1987 – 10 points. The average value of the index over the period 1981 to 2019 is around minus 9.1 points. Text: News.Economy