Upfield’s ‘Rama’ is ‘Winner’ of ‘Sham Pack of the Year 2022’. This was announced by the Hamburg Consumer Center (vzhh) in a press release. The product was voted number one by consumers, well ahead of four other candidates.

The product is criticized for reducing the capacity from 500 grams to 400 grams. But the packaging remained the same. So the hidden price increase was 25 percent. In addition, the burden on the environment is significantly higher: “Upfield now needs half a million more plastic cups to fill 1,000 tons of Rama.”

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The vzhh has now also filed a lawsuit against Upfield. The legal requirements are incomplete, but in this case one could speak of a clear misleading of consumers.

Every year, the vzhh awards the “Sham Pack of the Year” to products for which the manufacturers want to foist hidden price increases or other tricks on consumers. 34,293 votes were cast in this year’s election – more than twice as many as last year.

The original of this post “”Rama” voted “cheating pack of the year 2022″” comes from chip.de.