the signing of the document took place in the presence of the head of the region Andrey Travnikova. Their signatures under the contract were put by the Director General of JSC “Airport Tolmachevo” Eugene Yankilevich and Genji Akay, the General Director of open company “Ant Yapi” (part of the international holding, Turkey).

During the ceremony, Andrei Travnikov noted that the regional authorities will pay special attention to the involvement of local – Novosibirsk – companies for construction of the terminal complex.

We are interested to the construction of such a large object was used by our builders, suppliers of materials and equipment. It’s jobs for our residents, it is additional tax revenues in budgets of all levels, – said Andrey Travnikov.

the Governor also proposed to involve the symbolic construction of the Novosibirsk fighters studotryadov. This year the students work on the construction sites of metro stations “Sportivnaya” and the ice Palace of sports.

General Director of the company “Novaport holding” (is engaged in the development of Novosibirsk international airport) Sergey Rudakov noted that Novosibirsk is now the main holding and the only one that can claim the title of the country’s largest regional international hub.

Andrei Travnikov stressed that the government of the region thanks to collaboration with the company “Novaport”, Tolmachevo airport, S7 airlines (“Siberia”), the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, the Federal air transport Agency was able to begin implementation of the comprehensive program of development of Novosibirsk aviation hub.

In every stage of the launch of this program the regional government has taken an active part. Because for a region such as Novosibirsk oblast, the development of air hub is very important. Easy logistics is one of our competitive advantages, – said the head of the region.

the Modernization of Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airport is performed in the framework of the Decree of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The development of the airport is one of the main stages of preparation of Novosibirsk to hold the Youth world championship ice hockey on the ice in 2023.

the entire project is expected to be completed by 2025 in two phases. For the design and construction of the terminal complex will be allocated about 20 billion roubles of private investment. The approximate total area of the air terminal will increase to 100 thousand square meters.

in Addition to the construction of a new terminal complex is based on the large-scale reconstruction of the airport complex Tolmachevo.

help “RG”

the cost of the contract for the construction of the first phase of the terminal in the Tolmachevo airport (the area of 56 thousand square meters) is 13,672 billion. The height of the new TerMilan – more than 30 meters, the façade will display a single glass ribbon, and the interiors will be associated with the photon engines of the future.