Fit and Healthy, wash your hands, you hear it all the time, almost ad nauseam. Chances are that you as a healthy person, never been the best lived constantly in the hands of schrobbend in your own room, all to be in direct contact with others as much as possible, avoiding. But it will undermine all the hygiene measures, our resistance is it not? Do this in the long term is not more prone to snotvallingen as well as other infections?

For the resistance to grow, we are not ‘clean’, that is the conventional wisdom. The question arises as to whether that is ‘social distancing’ and is ten times a day, washing your hands, our immune system is not weakened. “Real, robust scientific evidence is there, to my knowledge, has not yet made,” says dr. Isabelle Meyts, immunologe affiliated with the catholic university of Leuven, belgium. “However, bacteria and viruses, to stop, of course, not at the moment. Our immunity is a constant and, as much as germs to be exposed via the outdoor air, in the garden, food, any pets, and even the microbiome – the microorganisms in and on our bodies.This relative isolation will therefore have little impact.”

for More allergies

our resistance hebbendeze some of the “clean” week, or do it yourself, period,no negative effects, it assures the professor, and dr. Steven Callens. “The immune system of adults is already formed and the potential of pathogens that have already passed.” Otherwise, it is, according to the head of the department of Infectious diseases of the university hospital of Ghent, for children, for a lack of bacteria can occur. “They have less protection, so we have the number of allergies increasing.” As a very young child during the first two years of life, isolated, hold, can, according to Callens, therefore, have to be negative. “But today, our children will still be out in the garden, and even indoors, they is still plenty of bacteria in contact with it. The cake, which falls to the ground, and then you have to just be eaten, it contains still the same as before the crisis.”

Snotvallingen, and other infections

We will continue to fall against it to hopefully display a bit of the ‘real life’, not massive, more a snotvalling, or any other respiratory infection around? “No, no, there will be no more, no less infections,” says professor Didier Ebo, head of the department of immunology of the UZA. “There really is no reason to believe that the current hygiëneverhaal to our resistance to the other villain of the piece, or the development of infections, you should change it. This is based on the quarantainemaatregelen really have a lot of time.”