is nice, when no one knew something was up …

Because we have agreed… (laughs) He has not felt in the North of Spain very well. And it had nothing to do with the Sporty to. There, it was safe for him to be more difficult than other places, where he has played.

For a long time. For the past three weeks. When it became clear that I would not get the North Koreans Kwang-song Han, because the would not receive a residence permit in Switzerland because of the US embargo against North Korea, I have intensified the search for Alternatives. The case has facilitated, make sure Girona is descended. Because Doumbia was a clause in the contract that he can go free transfer. So he has become for us a lot cheaper.

This is guess is really difficult to one who has made a good 300 Games in the top leagues of various countries, around 200 goals. He is a goal machine. An Extremely-Scorer. He should ease the burden on our young striker Uldrikis and Patrick Luan.