The statutory health insurance could lack more money in the coming year than previously assumed. Because previous estimates did not include the Ukraine war and inflation.

Previous estimates assume a financial gap of 17 billion euros, but according to calculations by the Institute for Health Economics (IfG) there is even a risk of a deficit of 25 billion euros, reported the “Bild” newspaper (Tuesday).

In the previous estimates “the war in Ukraine and the consequences were not yet priced in,” said IfG boss Günther Neubauer of the newspaper. “Inflation is increasing spending in practices and clinics, while the prospects for the job market in autumn are rather poor.”

The CEO of DAK Gesundheit, Andreas Storm, called on Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) to act. “Together with the Federal Minister of Finance, Lauterbach must now answer the question of whether and how he wants to prevent the impending tsunami of contributions from the 70 million insured persons.” The industry has been waiting for the announced draft law to stabilize the finances of the statutory health insurance funds for three months, said Storm.

In view of the expected deficit in the billions, Lauterbach had already prepared the members of the statutory health insurance funds for the fact that contributions could increase in 2023. In March he said that with an expected cash deficit of around 17 billion euros next year, this cannot be completely avoided.