the Major sporting events being postponed or cancelled on the strip these days.

But what with this summer’s Tour de France?

France is right now in state of emergency, and no one knows if it is possible to implement the world’s biggest bike race this summer.

If the organizers choose – as, for example, UEFA has done it with EM2020 in football to postpone the summer Tour-route a year, it can simultaneously push the Tour start in Denmark from 2021 to 2022.

the company behind the Danish Tour-start of the Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark, acknowledges director Alex Pedersen speculation, but stresses that everything right now is on a hypothetical level.

“I choose not to think about it yet, but I will say that in the world we live in right now, that you know not, after all, what happens in the morning so everything can get in the game,” says Alex Pedersen and continues:

“But right now there’s nothing to relate to. I will say that I hope that the Tour is not being canceled this year, if we still have the whole of Europe in quarantine for the time, so, the consequences are absolutely unimaginable from my chair. And they are big enough already now in relation to people’s health and business.”

In this week are a number of major sporting events have been postponed – including the european football championship, the French Open in tennis and cykelklassikere as Paris-Roubaix and Flanders Around as well as the season’s first grand tour race, the Giro d’italia.

It has opened up speculation about this summer’s Tour de France, which has the start in Nice.

But Alex Pedersen has heard nothing from the organisers, ASO, yet.

“What needs to happen in 2021, if the Tour de France in the year being cancelled, I have no bids on at all. It is up to ASO, what they want. If they come and ask us whether we can push our a year, or they say that there is already a route in place for 2020, in which you can push to 2022.”

“On the way maintains you know, so the model is the starting location in France every second year. And right now there is not reported a starting location out of 2022 – and it could be that you are waiting with it then,” says Alex Pedersen.

the Director of the Danish Tour-start-insists-until further optimism, and among other things he has noticed ASO director Christian Prudhommes unwavering faith that this summer’s Tour will be implemented as planned.

Earlier this week pointed out Prudhomme, that ‘only two world wars have stopped the Tour de France to be settled’, and Alex Pedersen hope that coronavirussen not get changed on the fact.

“I know, he can not determine, that one needs to run the Tour, if the situation with the corona is just as bad in July as it is now, but in addition I choose to take it as it comes. It has my experience taught me that to get the furthest with.”

“We can’t do much from our side. There are 15 months to the start must be in Denmark, and that is what I work from,” says Alex Pedersen.

B. T. have been in contact with a press officer in ASO, which tells that one is not at the present time, will comment on neither the summer’s Tour de France, or the consequences of a possible delay.