Russian figure skating prodigy Kamila Valieva, who has been dubbed a “ballerina on the ice” for her graceful lines and unmatched artistry, has again proved that she will be a tough opponent to beat after acquiring a new jump.

The 14-year-old, whose age means she is not yet eligible to take part in senior events, has mastered a triple axel – an element which will seriously increase her technical score if impeccably presented during a competition.

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Video of Valieva’s successful attempt was shared on social media, triggering praise and admiration from her fans and figure skating pundits.

The world junior champion made her senior debut last week after the national figure skating federation made an exception to its rules, allowing the skater to test her skills competing against her senior counterparts.

Тройной Аксель от Камилы Валиевой. Kamila Valieva #двигаемсявперёд

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Valieva, who has been coached by famed figure skating specialist Eteri Tutberidze, confidently won the women’s short program at the second stage of the Cup of Russia, but finished second overall after making noticeable errors in her free routine.

With a triple axel in her repertoire alongside her signature quadruple toe loop, Valieva could drastically increase her technical content and threaten to dethrone the current leaders, who will vie for places on the Olympic squad next year.

Widely regarded as one of the favorites to win gold at the 2022 Winter Games, Valieva mesmerizes with her soft and tender skating, giving the impression she simply floats on the ice while demonstrating elements including quad jumps.

The skater’s famous short program ‘Girl on the Ball’, which she demonstrated for two seasons, has already been recognized as a true masterpiece not only by figure skating pundits but also by Picasso’s granddaughter Diana Widmaier, who was charmed by Valieva’s skating.