may 21, the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation – the day of birth. “MK” asked well-known people who happened to meet or work with Sergei Shoigu, to Express their attitude to the Minister. Well, of course, to congratulate on the 65th anniversary.

Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko: “loves and respects the whole country”

Dear Sergei!

the more people know and the higher the value, the harder it is to find words that are made to say in the day of his birth. After all, whatever you say, it seems some traditional, everyday, even in the slightest degree reflecting your attitude for you, dear man. Here I am, congratulating you, are in some confusion.

You know how much I love you.

loves and respects the whole country. People are not fooled. They instantly feel who is who.

in General, in the world of politics, public activities to earn human approval from the most few people can. You people took back in the early 90s.

Because you’re real! And you’re a man of action!

In 1991, you started to create a service, which in our country never was, — the prevention and liquidation of consequences of emergency situations, rescue people in trouble people. And you created it. Today it is one of the best in the world.

In 2012, when it was necessary conduct a thorough modernization of the Russian Armed forces, the choice of the President of Russia fell on you. I’m sure it was only right in those circumstances, the choice. And how in such a short historical period changed our army!

When I say that no one is indispensable, I say, “come on! Look at Shoigu”.

I’m thankful for the fact that we’ve been going through life, what connects us not only business cooperation but also strong, time-tested friendship. Our friendship I cherish. Sure in you as in myself.

I Wish you, dear Sergey, good health, fulfillment of all his plans! And let you, even with your excessively busy working schedule, it remains a little bit of time and effort into your creative pursuits, the implementation of those talents that you so generously endowed by nature. You know how to create beauty. You know how in every business to invest their wide soul. Let your life will continue to be bright, we need people road leading to the temple.

Be happy!

the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov: “we Value our friendship”

— Dear Sergey Kuzhugetovich, I heartily congratulate You happy birthday!

For many years I know You as a reliable friend, a true patriot, the highest professional. For many, Your life has become a shining example of dedication, courage and devotion to duty.

Personal and business qualities enabled You to work productively on the most difficult areas to successfully cope with all the tasks. It is impossible to overestimate Your contribution to the establishment of a modern system of prevention and liquidation of consequences of emergency situations, a comprehensive strengthening of defense capability of the country, in the preservation of the traditions of our people. Today You are the front line of protecting national interests. We value our friendship. Always sincerely glad to our meeting on official business, on sports fields, over a Cup of tea by the fire or in the Russian geographic society.

I Wish You continue to keep the giant Siberian health and continue to work for the good of the Motherland.

President of RAS Alexander Sergeev: “does Everything talented, extraordinary”

— For whatever was taken of this politician, does everything talented, extraordinary. I watch him as head of the Russian geographical society, where, apparently, it’s completely different than in the MOE and the Ministry of defence. But where he invites, supports and develops interesting projects.

Then, his concern for his native land — Central Siberia, from where he started. He literally fights for the program of its development and really understands what those giant opportunity that has the region, should “shoot” and it will be one of the most powerful centers for the country’s progress.

by the Way, the Academy of Sciences is very grateful to him for what he did not abandon us to that famous Cabinet meeting in 2013, where they discussed detrimental to the RAS reform. It still held, but Sergei Shoigu and this is recorded fact — was one of the few Ministers who opposed it.

the Head of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov: “Let success and inspiration are the companions in all your endeavors!”

— In Russia and abroad know You as an experienced, talented and visionary leader. Heading the Ministry of defense, You with full dedication and make efforts to protect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of the Russian Federation, can solve the most difficult tasks for strengthening its defense capability and international credibility.

I am Sure that Your professional activity, knowledge, a wealth of experience to this important position and will continue to contribute to prosperity, grandeur and glory of Russia.

on the anniversary date, I want to Express my respect for You, wish you good health, family well-being. Let success and inspiration will be faithful companions in all Your endeavors! Good and peace to You and Your family!

Chairman of the Board of the Association of veterans of “MEGAMIR” Alexander Kanshin: “Housing has received tens of thousands of officers ‘families”

In 2020 it will be 30 years, as Sergei Shoigu working in the rank of Federal Minister. First, he is 22 years led the MOE, and 8 years ago he was appointed Minister of defence. I do not recall statesman with such experience in the history of modern Russia. To pull such Ministry is not easy.

Our Association has supported the change of leadership of the defense Ministry and the arrival of Sergei Shoigu. We insisted that it is necessary to change the former leader who brought the army to handle. Needed someone who knew the officers respected him. This was Shoigu. He proved it when he created and strengthened the MOE.

I Have a lot of friends — graduates of military schools, including the Vladikavkaz I graduated. Many studied together at the Academy. And I know very well how many decent war literally survived out of the army in the 90-ies. Quit young majors, Lieutenant Colonel. And Shoigu took them to the MOE, did they bet, raise generals. He created the core staff of the Ministry of emergency situations of the former army officers. Established a regional emergency centers, teams of civil defense. He relied primarily on officers. Collected them in person.

So when he came to the defense, for him it was the natural environment. He understood that the Foundation of the Armed forces — officers. No one disputes the fact that he managed to save the officers and even to raise it to another level. And in terms of military capability, and in terms of material support. Including on housing. What has been done to ensure the military housing is well worth it. Housing has received tens of thousands of officers ‘ families.

national artist of the USSR Vasily Lanovoy: “There is such a profession — to defend the Motherland”

— the Soviet and Russian army firmly tied to the film “Officers” the role of Ivan Barabbas, which I played. An entire generation of boys, seeing him, has dedicated his life to the army. For me it is very valuable, in fact, working on the role, the actor tries to convey not just the nature but also the human soul. Leave the image in the memory of generations.

I Think it worked out, because today — and this is an unprecedented event — a memorial sculpture dedicated to the heroes of the film “Officers”, set on Frunzenskaya embankment. Remember at the opening defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said: “Our generation is grateful to Vasily Lanovoi, George Matovu, Alina Pokrovskaya for the images that they gave us from those early generations, from the heroes of yore.”

it is Probably very important, when the official of such high rank as the Minister of defense, think not only about tanks, missiles and aircraft. He, like we, artists, think about the nature of the soul human��ka. About the glorious traditions of the Russian officers, which should be passed down from generation to generation. Sergei Shoigu do like no a lot. He as the Minister of war, perhaps, did the main thing: gave people a respect for the profession of officer, trampled in the 90s.

And who knows, maybe someday have other artists will work to make the movie his way — the defense Minister Sergei Shoigu? But it’s all in the future. And now, the day of his 65th birthday when he is young and full of energy, I want to thank him for all he has done and wish him good health and many fruitful years of service to the Russian Fatherland.

the Head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Bondarev: “Terrorism struck at the distant approaches”

— we All know how many problems existed in the Russian Armed forces at a time when Shoigu headed the Ministry of defence and assumed personal responsibility for the development of the army and Navy. Under his leadership, the Department has made enormous strides in equipping the best weapons and military equipment of all the armed forces, as well as in the field of military construction, training of personnel and reserve personnel, social protection of the military. As the Senator in charge of the Council of the Federation this direction, and as an officer am grateful to the Minister for the invaluable contribution to strengthening the defense capacity of the Motherland.

five years I’ve served under Sergei Shoigu. He headed first the air force, then — Air and space forces of Russia. Under his leadership, the VCS have started and successfully conducted a large-scale counter-terrorism campaign in Syria. In those conditions was very important to his strategic vision and expert guidance on tactics. Managed to liberate a significant part of the territory of a friendly country from terrorists, to protect them from the collapse of the Syrian government, to give the Syrians hope for peace and a quiet life. Terrorism struck on the distant approaches.

Sergei Shoigu is not one of those people who live past victories. I am convinced that this defense Minister is a professional, competent, visionary, principled, honest, incredibly loyal to Russia and its national interests our military power every year will grow.

I Wish you good health, prosperity, energy and success in all things for the good of the Fatherland!

Public Council at the Russian defense Ministry

Shoigu, congratulations on your 65th anniversary!

appreciate that You are personally paying great attention to strengthening the ties of the military departments with civil society. This interaction helps to solve all the problems. Members of the Public Council smo��whether to see this. You carefully treat all the problematic issues, on which members of the Public Council learn during meetings with military personnel, their families, civilian personnel. There was not a single case where these problems would remain without reaction of the military leadership.

we Wish You good health, strength and energy in this important for the country work.

Chairman of the Public Council at the Ministry of defence Pavel GUSEV.

* * *

“MK” joins the numerous congratulations and wishes to the Minister of defence of new successes and victories.