questions, questions…

“Let’s Dance” in the 90s-Edition on Friday evening for a lot of question marks in the audience. John Kelly (53) was passed in the last week to be with his family – these thoughts you could get used to that by now. In its place, then was allowed to return to the former Loiza Lamers (25) again.

But that is not all! To be announced right at the beginning of the broadcast, Daniel Hartwich: “Christian paused today due to illness!”

In its place, then a well-known “Let’s Dance was”professional return to: Robert Beitsch (28). For Laura Müller (19) came the message is extremely short: Only in the afternoon, you had know that your dance partner will not appear!

Christians are Missing, then provided for each lot of speculation – and finally had been made before rumors of the round, that one or the other candidate does not want to participate any more. The Reason For This? The lack of protection against infection, and close contact between the dancers and the television team.

Is Christian Polanc (41) so really sick? Or he wanted to put a sign?

Laura, however, had no time to ask themselves these questions. The Wendler-girlfriend had just two hours of time to practice with Robert and bibberte: “I’m scared.”
The common Interpretation of “Hijo de la luna” everything worked quite well. Motsi Mabuse was almost left with only words of praise: “change of partner is not easy. You did very well!“