The US Department of Justice has achieved an important success in the dispute over the evaluation of the secret documents confiscated from the residence of ex-President Donald Trump.

A federal court ruled on Wednesday evening (local time) that investigators may continue to use the documents for their work. They are investigating whether Trump broke the law by keeping several documents, some of which were classified as top secret, in his private villa after his term in office.

The federal court overturned the lower court’s decision by a court in the US state of Florida. This had prohibited the investigators from using the documents marked as secret as long as the neutral examiner employed in the case, Raymond Dearie, deals with the documents. The US Department of Justice appealed the decision, fearing it would delay the investigation.

The probe into Trump’s handling of classified government documents is just one of many legal issues the ex-president is currently facing. The investigations have nothing to do with the New York civil lawsuit brought against Trump and his family on Wednesday for fraud. In early August, the FBI searched Trump’s home in Palm Beach, Florida.