“as a result of the conducted research, the Ministry of justice of Russia believes that the measures imposed in the territory of the Russian Federation, including the decrees of the mayor and normative legal acts of the Moscow government, adopted within the competence of the relevant authorities will definitely meet the constitutional objectives of protection of life and health of citizens proportionate to the threat of the epidemic in the Russian Federation”, – said the Agency.

In each region, a set of measures was determined depending on the extent of the threat in this particular area. At the same time, continue the Ministry of justice, the restrictive measures were accompanied by a full-scale state support to the most vulnerable sectors of the economy, material support to broad categories of citizens.

“It confirms that the introduction of urgent measures meet the requirements of proportionality and reasonableness of restrictions on rights and freedoms – believe in the Ministry of justice. – These measures are only temporary and are regularly reviewed for compliance with the current situation.”

the Purpose of these measures was the protection of life and health of citizens, not the interference in their personal life. This is confirmed by the fact that the improvement of the sanitary situation constraints weaken.