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Every day there are new Figures to the proof of the Corona-Virus-Infected and the death toll of this pandemic. To know is important – but only part of the truth. Because many people have captured Covid-19 somehow, feel nothing, do not have the typical symptoms. Who doesn’t know he’s infected, you can not test and appear consequently in any statistics.

Some Epidemologen therefore expect a very high number of unreported cases. The Robert-Koch-Institut assumes that the own statistics, only every second Infected. Some researchers, however, by a factor of 10. Therefore, we would not 31.554 Infected (Stand: 25. To do in March), but with more than 300,000.

About the author: Hugo Müller-Vogg

Dr. Hugo Müller-Vogg is a publicist and former publisher of the FAZ.

a Representative sample of citizens

test All the Stakeholders – medical professionals, such as politicians, poke around, therefore, with a rod in the fog. You can also say: nobody really knows. The Journalist Gabor Steingart has now made in his Podcast, “Morning Briefing,” a very interesting proposal: We should test – following the example of public opinion research – a representative sample of German citizens. The result could we expect then to 83 million inhabitants is high.

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Steingart made his foray in conversation with Dr. Klaus Reinhardt, the President of the Federal chamber of physicians. The was enthusiastic, calling Steingarts proposal “exciting” and “wise”. At the same time, the physician is faced as a family physician with the pandemic directly pointed to the benefits of the result of a representative Test series: The number of deaths that appear to a much higher number of Infected in a different light.

sound Tests could provide information on the actual spread of the Virus

In the context of the pandemic made a lot of suggestions. The Steingart captivates, because he is so pragmatic. If the researchers can explore through the survey of 2000 or 4000 selected representative people of the political mood as well as fashionable preferences or eating habits, then according to the same methods, carried out the Corona Test would give an indication of how wide-spread the Virus actually is.

Then we could better discuss what restrictions are reasonable or not. Currently, the policy must act on the Basis of incomplete and quickly outdated Figures – such as a motorist who seeks the way in the rear-view mirror. It all speaks to a representative survey with a cotton swab. The costs are in comparison to the government’s billion-pacts really Peanuts.
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