Project “”Moscow seasons” house” have prepared a selection of virtual events this week. Become parties may attend. and the project pages in social networks , , and users are waiting for free concerts, online shows and educational programs.

may 18, live on the page “Moscow seasons” the social network will be the writer and Creator of cartoons Oleg Roy. He will talk about what places in the capital became his most loved. Also, students will learn what Moscow is different from other cities in the world and how the city inspires the writer and reflects on his heroes.

the Meeting will start at 19:00.

Performer Sergei Arutyunov-Vertinsky, member of the TV show “the Voice. Reboot” and “one to One!”, will give listeners his romantic music program. He will speak on may 19. Beginning at 19:00.

A may 20, subscribers will receive a concert of the singer / songwriter Hopes Tochilkina member of the TV show “New star”, the laureate of the Delphic games of the CIS, actress of the musical “Oh, the festival” XIX world festival of youth and students. In addition, Hope will talk about how to compose music. The broadcast begins at 19:00.

may 21 at 19:00 the artists of the group “Patago” Evgeny Garanin and Anton Ivanov live stream will perform the best hits of the band and chat with the audience. And may 24 at 17:00 starts the concert a cappella group from Berlin. The group has won international vocal competitions and has released six albums. Latest — Vocal Legends is dedicated to the history of pop and rock music, including a cappella versions of songs by Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Queen, Coldplay and other famous groups.

Moscow planetarium invites you to go with him to space travel. The tour guide Irina Suhorukova tell me why the Moon changes its appearance every night and how she did it. Participants will also learn if the moon day and night and how to make a moon journal.

the Event will be held on Friday, may 22. Beginning at 20:00.

20, 22 and 23 may subscribers “Moscow seasons” in social networks waiting for the informative video — “Star lessons”. With their help, the children will learn to discover the amazing secrets of the night sky and learn a lot of interesting about the Universe. Issues will come out at 12:00.

Their recipes and culinary secrets with subscribers share chef Yuri Knizhnik. May 19 (beginning at 10:00) he will teach everyone to cook fragrant banana pancakes, may 21 (start at 13:00) — a delicious fish soup, and may 23 at 16:00 pll master-class on making pasta Bolognese.

All the institutions of the capital are closed in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection. Museums, theatres, cultural centres and libraries prepared daily for residents of the special programme of activities for the duration of the quarantine.