The federal government is looking for a way to stop heating up the wage-price spiral. Scholz is therefore hoping for one-off payments from employers instead of hefty wage increases.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) wants to propose in the “concerted action” on July 4th that employers transfer their employees a tax- and duty-free one-off payment to compensate for the high energy costs next year and that the unions in return pay a part in collective bargaining rounds forego wage increases. As the “Bild am Sonntag” learned from government circles, this is intended to prevent a wage-price spiral and thus a further increase in inflation.

The Chancellery is assuming that inflation is being driven primarily by the fact that there is a supply bottleneck, both for gas and for other products, which will increase again in the coming year.

What speaks in favor of the one-time payment is that it reaches the public quickly and employees with low and medium wages benefit the most. However, since only 43 percent of employees are paid according to the collective agreement, separate solutions are still needed for employees who are not bound by a collective agreement and pensioners with a low pension. This is currently being worked on, according to “BamS” information, state one-off payments are under discussion.

A solution on July 4th is not expected. Those involved in the “concerted action” will meet again in October. Trade unions, employers’ associations, the Federal Bank, economists and federal ministers are to take part in the concerted action.