“The plane is probably older than I am,” jokes André Béchir (70). The concert organizers yesterday celebrated his birthday in a very special way. His life partner Sandra Diolaiuti (50) surprised the aviation Fan with a scenic flight in a Bücker biplane, built in 1938. “That was amazing, such a machine can not fly every Pilot”, says Béchir. He felt perfectly comfortable during the flight over the lake of Zurich, the myths and the Glärnisch, then it went over the Walensee return.

Celebration in the family circle

The birthday party he spent in the family circle: “had to manage without me because of my commitment to always the most.” Béchir is the organizer of the first hour. The first concert he organized with local Bands in 1968, and since then, he has brought the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Michael Jackson or Kiss on the Swiss stage. Also Tina Turner (79) he brought in 1972 to Zurich, at that time she was still with Ike. With the Soul-Lady Béchir has a long-standing friendship: “Since then, I had the opportunity to organize all of their local performances.”

On Board the Busy not thinking about that yet. Now is the time to immortalize its many memories come: “Maybe with a book.” Grateful, he is mainly known for two things: “love and health.”