a Large concern for Ex-erotic star Ingrid Steeger (71): The actress works on new images visibly upset. The German “Bild” even goes so far as to speculate that the “unkempt” old woman with blood need bloodshot eyes probably help urgently.

With its role as a “Horror-Gaby” in the ZDF-series “odds and ends” was Ingrid Steeger once beyond the German borders. Because you don’t geizte in it with bare skin, Steeger finally, even a sex symbol. In order to was reached but at the peak of their career.

After that, the roles were. Steeger turned to alcohol and fell in with the wrong men. Finally, she lived on welfare.

landlords threatened with dismissal

Now, the landlord takes. Because your apartment is “threatened extremely strongly of urine, faeces and vomit smells”, her landlord with a termination. “The cause is information and traces, probably because of the rubbish in your apartment and not properly keeping their dog due to a lack of or failure to provide cleaning of “human and animal”,” writes the landlord in one of the Newspapers to this letter.

Steeger themselves is not the Whole so closely. She explains: “This was once the case, as I had to go to the clinic. It went so fast, because we have the garbage in the hallway.” Anyway, you want to move away from Bayern and Bremen. It also points to the fact that you’ll be working in July and August, again as an actress. At the Bad Hersfeld festival to play in July and August in Kafka’s “The process”.


worried Nevertheless: Steeger, it should go at the moment and everything else as well. One of her few friends, actor Terry Black (71), told us recently: “she has a lot of problems, especially the many alcohol and that she has no money to pay their bills.” (bnr)