VW does it, Puma has requested, and the German airports are in need of: short-time work – because the orders fail to materialise by the Coronavirus epidemic, currently, simply no work is there. According to the Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (47, SPD), and have only announced last week, “76 700 companies to want to work in claims.” He said the Funke media group.

The company’s standing still! But what of the millions of Germans who now, instead of wage short-time work means?

The facts: , The Federal Agency for employment pays 60 percent of net earnings, in the case of employees with children, 67 percent. Social contributions are refunded to the company. Is paid to the short-time working allowance for a maximum of twelve months.

Smart calculator you can calculate here how much the short-time working money you get.

photo: smart-rechner.de


▶︎ A childless Single from Thuringia (tax class 1) has a gross monthly salary of 4000 Euro. The company pays short-time work, but only 2000 Euro. In this case, in addition 641,76 Euro short-time work would be paid money from the state.

▶︎ A mother with two children in Frankfurt (tax class 3) has a gross monthly salary of 2800 euros. The company pays short-time work but only 1000 euros. In this case, in addition 882,50 euros would be paid short-time work money from the state.