Completed the investigation into the murder of PhD student historian Sokolov

In St. Petersburg completed the investigation of the criminal case about the murder and dismemberment of postgraduate students of St Petersburg state University historian Oleg Sokolov. This was reported by the lawyer Alexander Pachev.

In Chita, a man was jailed for 14 years for the brutal murder of girls in Ossetia, the ex-Prosecutor charged with the murder of his wife

According to the defender, a former associate Professor of historical faculty was charged with murder, and illegal possession of weapons.

After confirmation of the indictment the case will be transferred to the court.

Sokolov Himself has not changed its stance, he admits to killing girlfriend and dismembering her body.

the Lawyer also said that the defense will request that the process took place behind closed doors.

Recall that the famous historian Oleg Sokolov was detained in autumn in the center of St. Petersburg while trying to throw in the river Moika severed female hands. The murdered woman was a postgraduate student of SPbSU Anastasia Yeshchenko. Sokolov explained the killing personal motives. A forensic examination found him sane.